Caught a cold (front) to Jamaica

Our last day in The Bahamas- Matthew Town, Great Inagua.

Our last day in The Bahamas- Matthew Town, Great Inagua.

After our months long slog against the prevailing winds down the east coast of North America our sail to Jamaica from Georgetown was ideallic. We caught the tail end of a cold front out of Georgetown.

In the Bahamas cold fronts are sailing opportunities because during the passing of a front winds clock from their prevailing south easterly set to the south, then southwest, west, northwest, north, northeast and east before blowing from the southeast again.

As we left Georgetown we caught the tail end of a strong northwesterly sailing north east to the top of Long Island. The wind turned to the north with perfect timing as we rounded the north end of Long Island, then to the north east as we sailed through the far Bahamas and finally to the east as we sailed through the Windward Passage.

The just about perfect timing of the front allowed us to sail in the same tack (wind blowing on the same side of the boat) for more than three hundred miles at five to seven knots. It was not until we were a hundred miles from Jamaica that the wind died as it

Jamaica, view from about 10 miles out.

Land Ho!  Jamaica, view from about 10 miles out.

to do there in protected in three sides from Hispaniola, Jamaica and Cuba.

The sailing could not have been better. The week at sea has also given Mary and I time to work out our passage schedule. We keep a constant watch, which means some one needs to be awake 24/7 while we are at sea. We also have some ideas about cabin arrangements that we hope will make long passages easier.

2 thoughts on “Caught a cold (front) to Jamaica

  1. Tammy

    Greetings my friends and neighbor – think of you often. Always ask about your whereabouts when I call in to Sped Forms. Tonya gave me your website. Very cool! We were in the Virgin Islands in February – a sailor’s paradise, right? Unless you are going in the wrong direction, as we did heading to Virgin Gorda in a motor boat. I admire you guys so much for taking this trip – what a gift! Harry and I love Jamaica and have many friends in Negril. Harry would love to check out Port Antonio sometime.
    Will the girls be joining you for Spring Break?
    Harry and I are heading next to Hawaii – to see our girl. It has been a good winter to sail away.
    Take care, I will keep a look out for more posts. Greetings to Mary – my dancing partner! And Franklin, what a great little chip off the old block! I can tell – he’s brilliant!
    Tammy Pulver

  2. Shane Dennis Post author

    Hi Tammy,

    So nice to hear from you. We loved that night at Schooner with you. My favorite Minneapolis bar by far.

    Port Antonio is a bit like Schooner. Off the beaten path. Not many tourists here except when the weekly cruise ship comes in. Pretty harbor. Yeah Mon.

    Give Claudine a hug for me next time you see her!


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