Two Brave Fins

Two Brave Fins, Jukka and Paul, joined us for the wet and miserable sail from Lake Worth to Miami.

Jukka is a constant traveller, born in Finland, citizen of Finland and Canada and US permanent resident. Jukka had been dreaming about cruising on a sailboat for 30 years.

Paul is a third generation, 100% Finnish, Yooper (from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). He most recently worked as a electrical troubleshooter for Australian mining giant BHP.

Jukka seem to love every minute of our miserable sail from Lake Worth to Miami, while Paul, I am sure was thinking “Oh lordy, next time Jukka says let’s go sailing with a crazy Australian-Minnesota family I’m gonna make myself invisible quick. Ja, you betcha.”

It was not until after we arrived in Miami Paul confessed in the olden days Fins were not allowed on sailing ships because it was thought they brought bad luck. Now we know who to blame for the miserable conditions! :)

What the old sailors must not have know is that Fins are brave and good company. We loved having them along!


One thought on “Two Brave Fins

  1. Mom

    I read this and chuckled thinking it shouldn’t be so unusual for Mary. Then I remembered it was me that grew up in a very Finnish community. In fact many people ask me if I am Finnish when they find out Sebeka is my home town. Enjoy the warm wet; we are getting snow, possibly 6-10 inches by tomorrow. Winds are to come up and temps to drop drastically tonight.

    Love you all.

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