Miami, FL

N25 43.556 W80 14.279

Left Lake Worth at sunset and proceeded about two miles offshore.

We found ourselves in a 2.5 kt north setting current in with a 10kt northerly creatin steep seas. Moved back to within 0.5 miles off shore and plotted a new route, 0.5 to 1 miles offshore staying in 30-80 feet of water. Seas moderated significantly, but rain pesisted for the remainder of the trip.

Motored till midnight as north east seas overwhelmed light northerly winds then sailed on a pleasant beam reach until the wind died. Were well ahead of schedule and nearing the Port of Miami when the wind picked up again so sailed under double reefed main with engine idle until we reached the ship anchorage a around 05:30.¬† Waited for sunrise¬† and the last of the flood untio 07:30 when we passed through Governer’s cut in perfectly calm conditions.

Now on a mooring ball at Coconut Grove Sailing Club.

7 thoughts on “Miami, FL

  1. Jukka

    I’m wondering if I had a dream last night or was really enjoying my self so much in the dark of the night while rocking and rolling and being so miserably wet and cold.
    What an experience. And Shane, Mary is your best asset. The way she handled the tasks on deck and in the galley (the soup was the best) was so impressive.
    The night of the “sea change” was really a nice experience, it made me smile for a long time to come….Thank you both so much

  2. Mom

    Hope this isn’t a second post. I chuckled when I read this thinking it shouldn’t be so unusual for Mary and then I remembered it was me that grew up in Sebeka and has people asking me if I am Finnish. Sebeka, and the area, has a large Finnish population. Enjoy your warm temperatures. We are getting snow, possibly 6-10 inches and the temps are to drop drastically tonight along with getting high winds.

    Yes, Mary is amazing and we are lucky to have you in our family as well. And of course Frankie!

    Love to all of you.

  3. Larry

    Hi guys hey that retirement marina sounds pretty good right now 20 inches of snow n -2 below right now! Looking like a long cold winter!! Hey Shane Tony n I are wondering did u guys get a dodger yet? U wouldn’t want those hot winds blowing at u! Miss ur map showing where u guys are at. We’ll gotta go shovel snow catch ya later!

    1. Shane Dennis Post author

      Larry and Tony – hi, how are you? We miss you guys.

      No dodger yet and plans to get one until we have lots of extra money. No time soon! Can get a bit wet in the cockpit but we just think to ourselves, “Boy, this is nothing compared to Lake Superior!”.

      Saw some pictures from the Falls yesterday. Looks like you are getting hit pretty good this winter. Good exercise. Keeps you young enough to follow us down here soon!!

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