Floating Retirement Villages

As we travel south the marinas and mooring fields carer more and more to cruising sailors. At the beginning of our trip in Lake Superior, cruising sailors were far and few between so marinas and towns, with few exceptions, were not setup to cater to them.

Three of our last destinations, Melbourne, Titusville and Vero Beach are destinations in their own right. Good protection, staff that caters to most of the needs of cruising sailors, great showers, club room, laundry, grocery stores in walking distance and/or free shuttle buses.   They are very comfortable.

Perhaps a little too comfortable for my taste. But they meet the needs of the typical cruiser – a 50+ couple wanting a comfortable, hassle free cruise down the east coast of the USA to Florida to the Bahamas. They are full of  lots of nice, happy, greying people living their dream.

Tonight we are at anchor again in a strong northerly. We put out an anchor on heavy chain, set it and hope it holds. The Garmin GPSmap 740s anchor alarm is turned on to warn us of dragging, but I am still up during the night visually checking our position. It is work and worry but our trip feels a bit more like an adventure again.

The floating retirement villages are nice, and maybe we will end up in one, but we are not ready for one just yet!