Greatest naval shipyard in the world

I am not exactly what we saw in Norfolk, VA. I think we saw four or five aircraft carriers. To active duty, two being dismantled and one being built. We also saw a lot of new fangled warships. The new fangled warships don’t look like warships because they do not have many guns sticking out of them. On the Chesapeake Bay we saw a Stilletto stealth ship that hardly looks like a ship at all. We also saw a retired World War II battleship. It looked tiny compared to the modern ships.

Two active duty carriers

The US has ten aircraft carriers in service, and I think we were lucky enough to see two active duty carriers, one being built, and two being dismantled and while we sailed through Norfolk and Newport News.

Two carriers being dismantled

Norfolk was by far the busiest port we have travelled through with warships and container ships crowding Norfolk Reach. We travelled just outside the shipping channel crossing the shipping channel several times to avoid naval exclusions zones. When we crossed the shipping lanes we were dodging big ships.

Dodging ships

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  1. Mark

    The first carrier in the first picture is the USS George H.W. Bush. CVN-77. Too bad I can’t make out the other ship numbers.

    When I went to San Diego, I got to tour the USS Midway, a WWII era battleship hull converted to a flat top.

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