Family Cruisers


Most cruising sailboats we meet are 40-50 ft with a 50-70 year old couple on board. Our 34′ monohull is usually one of the smallest cruising sailboats in the anchorage. Most families with children are on much bigger monos or cats.

So it was a pleasure to meet Bill, Erin and their two young children on their 26′ Westerley Centaur “Never Land”. We met them first about a month ago as we passed through the Sassafras River and they prepared to cast off their docklines.

Annapolis was their first stop of their cruising life and they were nice enough to join us for pork chops the first evening after a long day on the water.

For those who say the cruising life is unattainable consider this. Bill and Erin bought there proven blue water cruiser for $2000 and spent a year fitting out and living on board (to save money) before casting off.

Bill is extremely handy and makes a very modest income helping others with boat projects. He also reduced the cost of his own sailboat by doing all the work himself.

In some ways “Never Land” is better equipped than “Sea ChangeĀ  II”. His 500 watt solar array dwarfs our 190 watt array and combined with state-of-the-art lithium batteries allow for a full-time freezer.

Bill and Erin inspired me so much I suggested to Mary we sell our “big” boat and save money be downsizing to a Westerly too. Mary promptly replied “Look I will make a deal with you. I won’t ask you for a bigger boat if you don’t ask me for a smaller boat.” Point taken.