More US CBP confusion

Shortly after arriving in Annapolis the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) office in Baltimore called and left a message on my cell phone.

The Annapolis Harbor pumpout boat took my cell phone number ostensibly for pumpouts. They must have reported us to the CBP because we shortly thereafter received a call from the CBP.

The CBP has been a constant source of angst and confusion on this trip. Every CBP office interprets the rules differently so every time we move to a new area we are expected to comply with a new set of rules. Worst yet, it is difficult to find out what the rules are.

Our situation in Annapolis is a good illustration. We called the Baltimore office when we entered this area almost a month ago because we knew we had entered a new customs area. We were given a general number to call and the operator had no idea what to do with us.

After we talked to several people we were usually sent into the yachts voicemail and asked to leave a message with our phone number. We never received a call back.

When we do talk to somebody we are told we did not need to call in the first place because our boat had never left US waters…. but if we don’t call they come looking for us. If are not in compliance we could face a $5000 fine and seizure of our boat.