Ready for relaunch


After three weeks of hard work we have a new boat! Will crack open a bottle of bubbly and relaunch this afternoon. We are looking forward to getting back in the water. Thanks to Chesapeake Boat Works for great service and hospitality.

5 thoughts on “Ready for relaunch

  1. Bill Reynolds

    Sea Change looks great. I just pulled Victoria Queen (my sailboat) this week as we are heading out west for two weeks and the weather here in the UP is changing. Scarlet maples are coming out. Glad all is going well and enjoy your comments on CF (what a crew on that site.) Fair winds and safe travels.

  2. Mark Newhall

    Nice work! Makes me tired. Is the “II” new on Sea Change? Or was there a Sea Change before this one?

    1. marylarson

      Thanks, Mark! Made us tired, too, believe me! It was always “II”… At least since we received word back from Australia, during the registration process, that “Sea Change” had already been taken. Take care!

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