Underway at Last!

Many of  you already know that the crew of s/v Sea Change has been stuck in port for nearly a month longer than originally planned, due to an extremely long winter (even by Minnesota/Wisconsin standards!) and then last week’s constant rain storms and fog.  You can imagine our excitement when the weather cleared up yesterday afternoon!   Beyond “ready”, we set sail early this morning.  Out of the protected harbor, through the shipping channel, and out into Lake Superior.  When Franklin woke up, we were already underway.  His first question was “The boat is making me wiggle.  Why?”.  He was excited to suit up and come topsides to see the waves.

Shane & Mary commemorative selfie shot - first photo of the voyage.

Shane & Mary commemorative selfie – first photo of the voyage.

Although our enthusiasm wasn’t cooled a bit, our bodies were were soon seriously chilled.  It didn’t take Franklin long at all to say “I want to go inside.  I like to be cozy“.  ”Cozy” is one of Franklin’s favorite words these days.  So down below he went, where he happily snuggled in “blankies” and napped away.  As for me, I had to change from my “regular” weather gear into my super-secret-weapon-take-on-the-world Mustang Survival Suit.  Seriously sailors, if you have any plans for high latitude sailing, I’m going to recommend this suit.  Not only is is incredibly warm, it is also a “float coat”, meaning it has PFD material built in.  No, I’m not being sponsored by Mustang.  But hey, Mustang, if you’re reading this with interest, you should totally message me. ;)


Thankfully, the cold cold wind died down by about noon, and the sun came out.  By the time we reached Knife River Marina, the temperature was very comfortable.  We all went for a walk up to one of our favorite local businesses, Russ Kendall’s Smokehouse.  The smoked meats and fish are local and delicious, and the proprietor is very friendly.  We come here whenever we’re in town.  Nope, no sponsorship arrangement here, either.  


149 Scenic Highway 61
Knife River, MN 55609


After the guys picked out their smokehouse delicacies, we went into Knife River, where Franklin was thrilled to find a park to play in. Tomorrow, we’re off for the Apostle Islands.  The forecast promises warmer winds, but I’ve got my Survival Suit set up at the top of the locker, just in case.



15 thoughts on “Underway at Last!

    1. Mom

      I’m thinking about all of you; glad you finally are on your way. Tell Frankie that G-ma loves him.

  1. Larry V Dagen

    Hi guys how’s it going Tony n I were thinking about you this morning at breakfast wondering how far u made it great website!!

    1. marylarson Post author

      Hi guys! So far, so good. It has been cold, windy, into the wind all the way…. and we’re having a blast! Just imagine how fun it will be when we get some decent weather! Tonight we’re in Houghton, Michigan. This is an old copper mining town (Quincy Mine) and there is a lot of mine worker/union stuff around. It reminds me of our mine worker friends back home. Thanks for checking out our blog. We’ve been out of internet range for a few days, but I hope to post more pictures and an update post tomorrow. Say “hi” to the friends back at Barker’s for us!

  2. Tore Christiansen

    Hi Mary..

    Good to see your exciting new family venture has started.
    We certainly will be following you across the oceans via BlueWaterDailingData
    but I have also made a link to your blog on my Yachtmarine.com page you can
    view here: http://liveaisworld.yachtmarine.com/STARTPAGE.html

    I wish you and your family an adventurous but safe passage to your new home
    in Australia. G´day to your hubbie Shane….

    Tore in Costa Verde – Brazil

    1. marylarson Post author

      Hi Tore,
      Thanks so much! I hear from Shane that you’ve done a lot of really great trips yourself. I will check out your blog!

  3. Tore Christiansen

    On our same Yachtmarine URL you will see the blog of s.y. Kilico,a Norwegian couple on a round the world voyage who have just arrived in Fiji. The blog is in Norwegian
    but you can use the Google translator URL here:http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kilico.no%2F

    They visited our home in Ubatuba,Brazil in passing and we had a pleasant evening on board Kilico at anchor in Saco da Ribeira before they continued their journey.


  4. Adam

    Hi Sea Change crew – just found your blog, congrats on getting underway. Will you be stopping in Marquette?

    1. marylarson Post author

      Hi Adam. Nice to hear from you. Yes, we probably will stop in Marquette, sometime next week. Is that where you are?

      1. Adam

        Yes, I am in Marquette. I would love to meet for a visit and hear about your journey, if your schedule permits. I may even have a nice bay for an anchorage weather allowing. You can reach me at mqtAdam at gmail dot com – or facebook.com/mqtAdam. Hope to hear from you.

  5. Rick

    You did it, you really did it.

    btw Child Care / PCA collective bargaining legislation passed. We got to spend the night at the capital 3 nights, or 2 it got hard to keep track of time.

    Are you still keeping track of which day it is?

    1. marylarson Post author

      Hey Rick! Nice to hear from you. I did hear the legislation passed. That is awesome! Good work! As for which day it is…nope, I’ve already pretty much lost track. And lovin’ it!

  6. Cindy Kluempke

    Hi Mary,
    I’ve been thinking about you and your exciting family adventure. I am so envious of your new lifestyle and cannot wait to experience your journey through this blog. I wish you the very best in safe travels — you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Cindy Kluempke

    1. marylarson Post author

      Hi Cindy! So great to hear from you! Thanks for your kind words and hopes. We are having a great time. The reduction in stress level is making me feel so healthy, my myriad of aches and pains are already pretty much gone (headaches, tummy aches, sore neck/back…). So I guess the sabbatical is working as intended so far. I hope you are well back in MN, and that the end of school year brings you some time to relax, as well.

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