Sea Change Solar System is a Go!


Our new solar panel on this rainy morning.

Shane put in a long day yesterday, remounting and connecting our solar panel.  It was cold and windy all day for him, but he persevered.  The result is that we now have solar power!  Thanks, Shane!  Having our solar operational will allow us to charge our electronics, including work computers, recreational, and navigation equipment, as well as operate our cabin lights.  Without solar, we would be dependent on either running the diesel engine to charge the batteries, or using marinas to connect to shore power.  The solar will help us to be more frugal, more environmentally friendly, and more flexible in our plans.  Last season, Shane had replaced most of the cabin lights with LEDs, which are also extremely energy efficient.  Thanks, Shane, for conquering this daunting task!


Keeping Franklin’s video games charged will be an important function of the solar panel. Educational games only, of course!

4 thoughts on “Sea Change Solar System is a Go!

  1. Chip N scrape paint tenBensel

    Congratulations! Where is the snow? Don’t you miss it? My shoes are still blue!



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