We Live on a Boat!

At long last, the day has finally come for us to move aboard!

Actually, the day came four days ago.  We’ve just been so busy moving and getting everything ready, we haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog.


Over the weekend, we stayed at Barker’s Island Inn, next door to Barker’s Island Marina, while we did some final work on the boat before she was launched Monday morning.  Shane did an awesome job with the new bottom paint, new ”Sea Change” decals, and a quick buff and wax. Franklin mostly helped by not helping, and Mommy mostly worked to ensure Franklin was properly entertained and distracted from trying to “help” Daddy.  In true form, Minnesota and Wisconsin had a combination of rain, hail and snow on May 11, which added to the experience .

Monday we were thrilled to “Splash” our vessel for the first time this year.  Special thanks to the crew of Barker’s Island Marina, and also to our friend, Ashley Pratt, who helped us with Franklin, so Shane and I could both concentrate on the launch. Ashley also took some video of the splash for us, which I’ll load tomorrow when I’m connected to the faster marina internet (forgot to ask for the password, so working off Sea Change’s 4G card at the moment).


Tuesday, Mary earned the title of “Ship’s Squirrel” for her efforts stowing everything away, organizing the boat.


Wednesday, we raised the sails, repaired a rigging mistake we had caused ourselves, and got the truck cleaned out and listed for sale.

As of Thursday, the truck has been sold (thanks, Craigslist!).  We’ve also gotten cleared in with US Customs & Border Protection.  Why CBP, you ask?  Well, our captain is a citizen of Australia, which means our ship is also registered as an Australian vessel (notice the hailing port on her hull is Brisbane).  One of the things we’ve learned is that the US Coast Guard does not register vessels to non-US Citizens.  A member of the marina staff told us we’re only the second Aussie vessel in 30 years to come through this marina!


US Federal Building, Duluth, MN after clearing in

The crew is adjusting well to live aboard life. On Monday, after the splash, Mary and Franklin had this conversation:

M: So, Franklin, we live on the boat now.

F: Are you serious?

M: Yes, Honey, I’m serious.

F: Mom, you’re so funny. Explodes in laughter.

M:  So, Franklin, where do we live now?

F: We live on the boat now.

Today, Franklin found a piece of driftwood at the beach, and he thought it would make a good boat.  He also found a nice stick to make a mast. He asked Mommy to help him put a sail on it, and luckily enough there was a napkin and a string in my backpack.  When we saw a little girl and her mommy leaving the beach, Franklin suggested that they were headed “back to their own boat home”.  Tonight, he enjoyed playing “Scuppers the Sailing Dog” with his favorite stuffed animal.  Franklin loves his new Scuppers the Sailor Dog book, which was a gift from Eric, the service manager at the marina (Thanks again!).  We noticed that Scuppers looks a lot like Franklin’s favorite puppy.  And Scuppers’s foul weather gear looks a lot like Franklin’s.  Tonight, just for fun, we dressed that puppy up as Scuppers for the bedtime story.


Yup, the crew is adjusting quite nicely! 

Stay tuned for word on our upcoming departure.  Cast off is expected within a few days!



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