Monthly Archives: July 2013

Herkiner, NY

Lat: 43.017082 N
Lon: 74.9967438 W

Long day motoring across Lake Oneida. Fewer good, free docking places along this part of the canal. Heavy rain most of the day. Now tied up at Herkiner, NY.

Brewerton, NY

Wind: E 5kts
Sea state: 0-2 ft
Lat: 43.22149687N
Lon: 76.0393214 W

Took a walk last night into Brewertoon. Lot of Italian names. Some good looking Italian restaurants. We had ice cream at McDonalds while Franklin played in the playplace. Heading into unsettled weather across Lake Oneida today. Hope to make it across the lake without meeting a thunderstorm. Will try and get as far as possible along the canal today. Our permit lasts until July 31st.